Saturday, April 4, 2009

Raghunath Nama- the source of inspiration.

"Chaubundi is a traditional motif which was printed for ghagras in Rajasthan"

Raghunath Nama was the co-founder of Chaubundi along with his wife Kalavati Devi. He built an institution dedicated to traditional hand-block printing and natural dyeing. He belonged to an age old community of "Chippas". Raghunath Nama was a researcher at National Institute of Hand Printed Textiles in Jaipur. He had worked as an instructor training women in hand-printing and dyeing in a public institution in Chandigarh,Punjab. He had shared his skills and knowledge with many designers from NID, NIFT ,specialised niche-market exporters and boutique owners. He had created many colours in natural dyes on a wide range of fabrics.

He passed away at the young age of 49 in 2008, leaving Chaubundi to his wife Kalavati Devi and his three sons- Damodar Nama, Krishna Kumar and Praveen.

They proudly carry on the tradition of experimentation and innovation which Raghunath Nama began and patiently nurtured in his family.


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  2. Rajasthan has been one of the most explored art destinations in India. We were told that the artist were so much habitual of seeing design students and foreigners that they might not give us attention and information required for the compilation of the Research and Craft Documentation as part of NIFT initiative. We were assigned an area called Kaladera Famous for its Mud Resist Dabu Block Printing. On reaching we approached Krishna Kumar Nama, 2nd eldest son of Raghunath Nama the founder of Chaubundi. All pre-conceive notions were gone when we met the family. They were warm and very hospitable.
    We’re hugely indebted to the Nama family for their support in the research work specially the youngest son of Raghunath ji, Praveen Nama. I’ve to agree on this that even our very patient and loving faculties gets annoyed with our question sessions but Praveen ji was the most patient teacher and guide I’ve ever had. Teaching us the nuisances of art and the contemporary changes around the craft.
    The few very famous traits of NAMA family are honesty, sincerity and hospitality. The craft is dyeing and the threat of survival is very much there. They’ve mixed their commercial interest and craft interest in such a balanced way that is proving to be a boon for the craft. They are following a strict business ethics of telling their buyers about the actual composition of the product they’re selling.
    It was a second home for us. We were given a sitting area where wrote most of our stuffs. Who can forget the most delicious Rajasthani food prepared by Bhabhi (sister in Law). I have had Pizza from different so called world famous restaurants and I can bet the best and most delicious pizza I had was in this very house prepared by Damodar bhai’s wife called Pizza Prantha.
    We’ll always be grateful to the NAMA family for their support and off course food.
    M.Parwez alam