Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our partners in growth and innovation

We at Chaubundi have enduring long term partnerships with a large variety of designers , stores both all over India and abroad. Our oldest partners are the alternative design store People Tree from New Delhi, India ( they have a whole feature on Chaubundi and Raghunath Nama and family on their website ) and their partners Bindaas Collective( who have been working and co-creating with us since 1994.

We have more than a hundred stores and designers whom we work with like
Utsav , La affaire, Heritage (Delhi), Indira Broker and Either Or ( ) Pune,
lifestyle chain stores like Fab India , cooperatives like Urmul Trust Rajasthan, NGO's like Dastkar and various Craft Councils . We also work with state and central government organisations like Rajasthali and CCIE.

Besides working with natural hand printing and natural dyes,Chaubundi has deep experience in using azo-free direct and vat dyes. We create combinations of natural dyes and synthetic dyes along with mud-resist, tie-die , to generate a wide palette of colour combinations. If any fabric can be hand printed upon or natural dyed Chaubundi has done it. Chaubundi believes in small customised orders and has experience in creating a special look for the specific designer or store.
Besides natural hand block printing, we also can do pigment printing and screen printing.
Our speciality is that in one place you can do whatever you want- from pure natural dyeing and developing, standard Bagru alizerene developing and German indigo dyeing to pigment printing and screen printing. Or use any combination of processes.

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